Money from our roof…Thanks to Stafford Solar

Ray and Janet Hyde, of Stone, had solar panels installed on the roof of their 1939 semi in September 2010. They chose Stafford Solar for the installation and related electrical work.

First they began by taking up the offer of a free survey of the roof and of the house’s electrical system. Then the two partners of Stafford Solar, Gary and Karen Bromley, gave Ray and Janet a very professional presentation in which they explained how the system would operate, what essential electrical work was required and, not least, how the installation would qualify for the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff scheme which enables the householder to be paid for generating their own electricity, tax-free for 25 years.

work in progress

The proposal was for 13 solar panels, 2 inverters (for converting the D.C. electricity from the panels into domestic AC electricity at 230 Volts), 2 generating meters and all related electrical work.

Ray and Janet were pleased to see that Stafford Solar’s price was very competitive, especially when compared with quotes from some of the bigger companies. The contract was agreed and signed. Gary arranged for scaffolding to be erected following which he and a colleague installed the whole system in less than a week.

Janet said: “We are very happy and impressed with the installation. Everything has been so neatly installed and, through the new generating meters, we are able to see that the panels are generating electricity and, of course, tax-free income. Gary and Karen were very helpful and ensured that we had all the necessary information and paperwork to receive the Feed-in-Tariff.”

panels on roof

Ray added: “We chose Stafford Solar because we wanted to use a local company and their quote was very competitive. Also, Janet and I know Gary is an excellent electrician. He has been “our” electrician since about 1992. He’s always done a brilliant job and we were delighted to find that Gary had diversified into solar energy installation. We found that he had qualified and registered under the Government’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and we knew that the installation must be done by an authorised MCS installer otherwise it would not qualify for the attractive Feed-in-Tariff Scheme.”

Janet concluded: “I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were accepted for the Feed-in-Tariff. Within two days Gary provided us with the MCS certificate and within a week our installation had been accepted by the National Grid and we received confirmation that we will receive payments every quarter for every kW of electricity we generate. It’s nice to think that we can regard this as an investment because the projected income, which is tax-free, is far better than any ISA or Savings Fund available at the moment. It makes great sense for us.”

Gary explained: “The Government introduced the Feed-in-Tariff Scheme in April this year. It’s a very attractive deal for a lot of people. Karen and I decided that we could diversify our business and so we’ve invested and re-trained to establish Stafford Solar. So far, it’s looking very promising. Our next job is also in Stone then an installation in Stafford, but we undertake work all over the Midlands.

For a free suitability survey, advice and information contact Gary