Stafford Solar recommends that you fit only the best products available to protect your investment and ensure reliabilty in service.

You want your solar installation to be working like new in 25 years time, so compromising on materials or equipment is the last thing we advise you to do.




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Canadian solar

MaxPower CS6X is a robust solar module with 72 solar cells. These modules can be used for on-grid solar applications. The meticulous design and production techniques ensure a high-yield, long-term performance for every module produced. Rigorous quality control and in-house testing facilities guarantee Canadian Solar's modules meet the highest possible quality standards.


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Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE: YGE) is one of the world's largest fully vertically integrated PV manufacturers, which markets its products under the brand "Yingli Solar". With over 4.5GW of modules installed globally, we are a leading solar energy company built upon proven product reliability and sustainable performance.
- High efficiency, multicrystalline silicon solar cells with high transmission and textured glass deliver a module efficiency of up to 16.2%, minimizing installation costs and maximizing the kWh output of your system per unit area.
- Tight positive power tolerance of 0W to +5W ensures you receive modules at or above nameplate power and contributes to minimizing module mismatch losses leading to improved system yield.
- Top ranking in the "TÜV Rheinland Energy Yield Test" and the"PHOTON Test" demonstrates high performance and annual energy production.


fronius inverter

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Transformerless PV inverter with standard system monitoring

The Fronius IG TL incorporates all the advantages of a transformerless inverter concept with the high innovation and quality demands of Fronius.
Perfect for system sizes ranging from the domestic up to  commercial operations. Unique within its class, is the standard system monitoring which makes it the most future-proof transformerless inverter providing maximum earnings security.


Schott PV

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter


SMA have been setting standards in solar technology for more than 25 years.

They convert the direct current generated by the solar module into grid-acceptable alternating current. Thus they form the heart of every solar energy system.

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

Efficient, user friendly and long lasting - that is what the Sunny Boys are known for. Suitable for house systems up to 20 kW.



Schott PV

SMA monitors complement the inverters

They allow remote monitoring of energy generation and consumption

Sunny Beam



Informative, compact, and easy to operate, the Sunny Beam is an innovative monitoring solution. Key data is visible on its large graphic display, including a daily profile, current output, as well as daily and total energy yield. The performance of up to 12 inverters, the monthly overview, the energy yield in £ sterling, and the CO2 savings can all be accessed with one hand.

Heat Pumps

heat pump

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Mitsubishi SRF Series Low Wall Mounted Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

  • Includes Indoor & outdoor unit + controller
  • "A" rated energy efficient
  • 5 years parts warranty
  • R410A environment friendly refridgerant
  • LCD display remote control
  • Enzyme and odour filter

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